The Power of Prayer and Getting God’s Results-Published June 15, 2010 by: Tiffany Hamilton

Why Prayer is a Real Way to Talk to God

When you think about prayer, most people think of it as a way to either:

1. Tell God you’re sorry for a sin you committed or

2. Give God a wish list of things you want to happen/ need in your life.

Many people overlook the fact that prayer serves as a way to communicate with God about not only his will for your life, but issues that you are having. Real prayer is a two-way street between you and God so that he may give you the true strength you need to overcome the issues that you face every day. By praying over hard issues or sin that you feel you can’t overcome, you are in essence stepping out of the way so God can step in.

For a Christian, there is no substitute for prayer, because the bible stated that our power comes from prayer. The Bible states in Daniel 9:3 “”And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes: And I prayed unto the Lord my God, and made my confession, and said, O Lord, the great and dreadful God, keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love him, and to them that keep his commandments.” Meaning that in order to have true success in your faith walk, you must have a dedicated prayer walk to truly seek the Lord’s way of doing things to back up his word in the Bible.

I remember when I first sat down to pray; it is funny to look back upon because I was so inexperienced. I remember crying loudly and hard because I thought that was the only way that God paid attention, but boy was I wrong! Once it was revealed to me that God simply wanted to talk to me about the issues I was facing and wanted me to listen to his instructions, it because a lot easier for me to make time to pray because it seemed less like a chore and more like a meeting with my best friend.

I know what you’re thinking, how do you know if God heard what I prayed for?

Sometimes it may seem as if God had his ears shut when you prayed about a specific issue, especially if you have continued to pray about it for an extended period of time. The great thing about God is that he hears everything and his silence is not an ignore or a no, but it may be a “look to my word to see what I say” or God’s way of telling you to look at the root of the issue so he can remove it.

I am a firm believer that prayer works, because it has produced multiple results in my life. I remember I was struggling with insecurities and the issue of perfection, these are dangerous issues because it takes away the goodness of God’s grace by creating the feeling of “lack”. Not that you physically are lacking something, but emotionally you put on a happy face so that others will see you as perfect instead of the flaws that you harbor on the inside. I remember struggling with this issue for months, really years; coming to God praying for the renewal of my mind and strength to overcome the obstacles of my past. It seemed that I found the strength to muster through it, but not overcome it. Finally, I got on my knees and prayed, I prayed hard for God to show me the root of the issue and why it was so hard for me to overcome the issues. I asked for guidance on what I needed to do to remove the mental torment that seemed to be increasing to the point of insanity daily. Nothing, not one word from God to answer the question that I had, in addition the issues started to almost create an obsession over making sure that I didn’t succumb to it-on my own since God wasn’t answering.

After convincing myself that I was going through the torment so that God can humble me (I needed an answer right, why not create my own), I decided to let go and let God. It was upon letting go that I received the answers I had been looking for all along and experienced true deliverance. See, it’s not what God isn’t doing that stops our prayer from producing results, but really what we are doing to “help him get to it faster” that causes delay.

Through my prayer life, I have experienced God’s repairing of relationships with friends and family, as well as financial increase. The best answered prayer was when God reunited me with my biological father whom I had never met. I prayed for a year to meet the man who played a role in giving me life, just to see what he was like. God being the awesome father he is, not only connected me with my biological father, but created a relationship that is so awesome that it seems like he has been here all along.

I know it may seem like prayer is another way for people to “self-help” to mask the real problem, but if you pray with the right intentions and an open heart, there is nothing in this world that will stop God from answering; you just have to get out of the way.


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