Russell Simmons Speaks On Diddy & Jay-Z & Expanding Jewish Partnerships

» by tffhthewriter March 8, 2010, 10:20am

Media and Fashion Mogul Russell Simmons is certainly speaking his mind in regards to fellow moguls these days. On his blog that he posted on his Global Grind website, Simmons is claiming that Jay-Z and P Diddy acquired many of their entrepreneurial skills from their “Jewish partners and suppliers.”

“Both Jay Z and Puffy are truly creative entrepreneurs, and both have learned a lot of these skills from their Jewish partners and suppliers.”

Simmons also commented that Diddy and Jay had achieved great success by expanding their interests beyond music.

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“While I have many firsthand experiences in records, jewelry (sic), fashion, internet, TV, film, financial services, and much more, I have also noticed Jay Z, Puffy, and most of Hip-Hop out-branding the record business that is dying its own death, and building partnerships in areas previously reserved for white men.”

If anyone knows about out of the box partnerships, it’s Russell. Simmons started Def Jam in 1982 with his former partner, Jewish DJ/producer Rick Rubin.

Eventually, Rubin left Def Jam in 1988 and went on to start Def American where he signed some of the largest acts in Heavy Metal and on the Hip-Hop front, signed the Geto Boys.

Rubin also recently signed The Clipse and Jim Jones to Sony/Columbia Records.  He also produced Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” a few years back.

Simmons did a follow-up blog entry further explaining his statement:

“There is no question about the well documented history where the Black and Jews have stood together in their fight for civil rights, equality and political power.  But, not so much is said about the creative alliances in business where Blacks and Jews are and have been forging new businesses and ideas that have helped enable Blacks and Jews to enter the mainstream in American business.  These are the partnerships that have and will create goodwill and change the future.”


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