Gucci Mane’s Manger Denies Eviction Reports By “Ozone” Magazine

by tffhthewriter March 6, 2010, 8:17am

The music industry is known to be a cutthroat business and it seems as if the ongoing beef between Ozone Magazine owner Julia Beverly  and Gucci Mane’s manager Jonnie Cabbel is starting to reach their boiling point.

Beverly recently penned and featured an article that appears both online and in the print version of the magazine claiming that Cabbell was swindling artists and promoters out of money for appearances and shows.

“Of the 12 scheduled tour dates[ for the So Icy Tour Featuring Gucci Mane, Nicki  Minaj and OJ Da Juiceman], OZONE has confirmed that at least six, but probably more of these shows (Jacksonville, FL; Pompano Beach/Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Louisville, KY; Chicago, IL; Baltimore, MD; and Detroit, MI) never happened, leaving furious promoters demanding refunds.”

In addition to the aforementioned allegations, Ozone also broke the news online Thursday [March 4] that Cabell and associates were evicted out of their headquarters after failing to pay rent.

[Peep Gucci’s Manager’s Video Response After The Jump!!!] [More]

“Previously, we reported on some alleged shady business going on in Gucci Mane’s camp, primarily by his booking agent Johnnie Cabbell of Hitt Afta Hitt Entertainment.”  Ozone posted on the magazine’s website, “Earlier this evening, it appears that Cabbell and his Hitt Afta Hitt company were evicted from their offices. Here is the scene outside their former location at 101 Marietta St. in downtown Atlanta:”

In response to the allegations, Some of Cabbell’s closest associates have come out to respond to the rumors that the Hitt Afta Hitt offices were no longer in business.

“I personally called him and the first thing I said to him was he ok, ” said’s Isis Wisdom.

“To show the humanity side there ain’t nothing funny about people having hard times in this recession. The second thing I did was go down to his offices at 55 Marietta Street and not only did I see his office is intact but all of his employees were in there working as if it was just a regular day.

However because the bloggers did not take the time to do their research it resulted in Johnnie having to do damage control once again. It would appear that there is some personal beef between these two which has nothing to do with the Hip-Hop  community or the public domain.  Julia has countless times caused beef within our community by pitting rappers against each other and bringing them enough negative press that very well could have ended up getting a few acts jail time as a result.”

I don’t know what the deal is with Beverly and Cabbell, but this is getting ugly.  No word as of press time whether the lawsuits mentioned in the Ozone article have been settled, but we will continue to keep you posted as the story develops.


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