Two People Dead After Masked Gunman Opens Fire At House Party

Police in Indiana are looking for an unknown assailant that opened fired at a house party killing two people and injuring 6 others.

Police state that the incident happened in the “near northwest” part of the city, in a neighborhood rife with gun violence, drugs and prostitution,  according to reports, police responded to a 911 call after witness reported that a masked gunman had entered the home and opened fire on the crowd with a high-powered automatic weapon.

Crime scene investigators report that over 25 rounds were fired into the crowd, although a total of eight people were hit with bullets, leaving two dead, police state that it could have been a lot worse.

Police report that they have recovered a green Chrysler 300 sedan with one bullet hole in it that may have been used in the attack, investigators are currently  “processing” the car along with a silver Dodge Charger near the crime scene that they believe was initially at the scene, then was driven away by someone attending the party.

Check out the video:



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