Tony Yayo Discusses 50 Cent’s Chain Snatching and Tank Security

G Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks recently spoke about the incident in Brazil that left a crazed fan beat up.

In the interview with, Yayo says that the fan wasn’t hurt that bad, but needed to realize the situation that he put himself in.

“We didn’t hurt him that bad,” Yayo said. “People have to realize that we were caught off guard. He came up on stage where there is millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry and people that are worth millions, he was lucky he didn’t get hurt.”

Yayo also discussed an incident in Africa where a fan jumped on stage and snatched 50’s chain.

“The guy grabbed 50’s chain and broke a piece of it off,” Yayo continued. “We got it back; I remember jumping off stage on that personally, so it wasn’t nothing.”

Although G unit has built up the ultimate bravado image, Yayo reveals that in one African ghetto, they had to get a tank escort to ensure that they returned home safely.

“I have been to a lot of ghettos in New York and all over,” Yayo said. “But the hoods in Africa, ain’t nothing to play with. We had as how in one place where there was only one way in and one way out, if we didn’t get escorted in with a tank and 14 armed soldiers, we wasn’t getting out.”


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