Gunman Opens Fire At Job After Being Harassed And Terminated

A community in Hartford, Connecticut is recovering after a gun man walked into his place of employment and opened fire killing 8 people before turning the gun on himself on Tuesday.

According to published reports, Omar Thornton went to Hartford Distributors for a hearing regarding his employment.  Although reports are unclear to the issue that led to the hearing, police state that it was after the hearing that Thornton opened fire killing eight people.

“We believe he was offered an opportunity to quit or be terminated,” Police Chief Marc Montminy told reporters. “Thornton had come in for a disciplinary hearing with a union representative and either before or after the meeting he began shooting indiscriminately.”

Montminy declined to say what led to Thornton’s termination, but sources said that he was caught on video stealing beer from the distributor.

Although sources accuse Thornton of stealing beer, the mother of Thornton’s girlfriend states that he was being racially harassed.

Joanne Hannah states that Thornton had complained for a long time about racial harassment, and claimed he had pictures in his cell phone of the N-word and a hangman’s noose scrawled on a bathroom wall at Hartford Distributors.

Police say Thornton was alive when they first responded to the complex, but by the time officers reached him he had apparently shot himself in the head. confirms that three of the shooting victims were taken to their emergency room. One was pronounced dead at the hospital, one has been treated and released and one is still hospitalized in serious condition.


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